Install the Sway Compositor

To install the wayland session, follow these steps:

  1. Install the regolith-session-sway package and it’s dependencies.
  2. Reboot
  3. Select “Regolith on Wayland” session in the login panel

Hardware Support #

Those using proprietary nvidia drivers for their graphics cards must set regolith.sway.unsupported_gpu: true in their XResources. This is not an issue with the open source drivers nouveau. See more here.

Bar Changes #

The wayland session uses i3status-rs rather than i3xrocks. i3status-rs provides a crisper and more resource-efficient approach to system monitoring. However at this time the i3xrocks packages for status indicators are not integrated with i3status-rs. To use a custom configuration with i3status-rs, users will need to put their config file at the location of their choosing and they’ll need to set the to the absolute path of their config file in their XResources. See the upstream project documentation for further details.