Change Notification Systems
NOTICE: This page was copied from the Regolith 1.x website and has not been updated for Regolith 2. It may contain out of date information.

Regolith ships with a notification system called Rofication. It is designed to work in the background and not use pop-ups as a way of alerting the user to a new notification. Rather, a small bar item displays the current number of unread notifications and a dialog can activated to interact with the content of the current notifications. This page describes a way to install an alternative notification system which works in a more traditional way.

We will use dunst as an example but similar steps can be used with pretty much any other notification component.

  1. Replace rofication with dunst:
$ sudo apt install dunst
$ sudo apt purge regolith-rofication
  1. Log out and back in.
  2. Test your notifications with notify-send test123. You should see a pop-up notification from dunst.