Manage a To-Do List
Regolith version 3.0 onward replaces “i3-wm” with “wm” in Xresource keys. The content on this page has been updated for Regolith 3.0+. If you are using an earlier version, use “i3-wm” instead of “wm” in the key names below. For example changes to for Regolith 1.x and 2.x.

td-cli is a command line todo manager written in Python3 for organizing todo lists across multiple projects.

Regolith includes a status bar blocklet for accessing td-cli directly from the bar. It can be installed as follows:

sudo apt install i3xrocks-todo

After installing td-cli you can access it via command line using td. The full documentation of td-cli’s API can be found online at their repository. For example, let’s create a todo list with a group name of Regolith, set it as the default project, and then add a new task to this group:

td ag regolith
td g regolith p
td a "Write a Howto for td-cli"

Now, if you click on the td-cli blocklet (on the left of the time blocklet in the figure below) a floating terminal opens up with an interactive instance of td-cli:

You can set this blocklet to only show number of uncompleted tasks in the bar by setting the following key in your Xresource file, for example, ~/.config/regolith3/Xresources:

i3xrocks.todo.uncompleted: true

By default, this key is set to false. Moreover, you can add a keybinding for accessing td-cli via a floating terminal by adding the following line to your i3 config file, for example, ~/.config/regolith3/i3/config:

bindsym $mod+Ctrl+d exec --no-startup-id "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal --class=floating_window -e 'td --interactive'"

Alternatively, you add these lines to your i3 config file, first:

set_from_resource $wm.bindsym.1 wm.bindsym.1 :
set_from_resource $wm.bindsym.program.1 wm.bindsym.program.1 :
bindsym $mod+$wm.bindsym.1 exec --no-startup-id "$wm.bindsym.program.1"

Then, add the followings to your Xresources file:

wm.bindsym.1: Ctrl+d
wm.bindsym.program.1: /usr/bin/gnome-terminal --class=floating_window -e 'td --interactive'