Change the Bar Date and Time Format
NOTICE: This page was copied from the Regolith 1.x website and has not been updated for Regolith 2. It may contain out of date information.

The time format (12 or 24 hour) can be specified in Settings:

The date format can be specified by selecting the appropriate region in Settings. A preview of the date format is provided, and logging back in is required for changes to take effect.

The date and time formats can also be explicitly set via Xresources. To do so, override the Xresource key. The format specification for date is simply the arguments that would be passed to the date command on the command line. For example, to print the year in 4 digits, specify +%Y.

For example the following line can be added to use the YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm format: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M

The complete format that is support is as follows:

  • %Y prints year as YYYY
  • %y prints year as YY
  • %m prints month as MM
  • %m prints minute as mm
  • %H prints hours in 24 hour format
  • %I prints hours in 12 hour format