Assign a workspace to a specific Output (Display)

i3 #

NOTICE: This page was copied from the Regolith 1.x website and has not been updated for Regolith 2. It may contain out of date information.

In order to configure i3 to assign a workspace to a given monitor, first find the device name for the monitor you wish to use with xrandr:

$ xrandr --listmonitors
Monitors: 1
 0: +*eDP-1 1920/309x1080/173+0+0  eDP-1

In this case, the output name is eDP-1. Next add a line like this into a staged copy of your i3 config file:

workspace "$ws1" output DP1

Log back in for the changes to take effect.

Sway #

The concept is the same, but swaymsg is used to display the available outputs.

$ swaymsg -t get_outputs
Output HDMI-A-2 'ViewSonic Corporation VG2448 V5E192121969' 

To assign workspace $ws1 to the HDMI-A-2 output put the following line into a staged copy of your sway config file:

workspace $ws1 output HDMI-A-2