1.3.1 Release Notes

R1.3.1 is a quick followup to R1.3 that adds polish and usability features. Headlining features include a more concise way of overriding Xresource defaults and several enhancements to the Remontoire keybinding viewer.

If you maintain your own i3 config file, note that the copy shipped in Regolith 1.3.1 has changed in that the comment format has been modified to be readable by Remontoire (example). Without updating your copy i3 config comments, you will not see any keybindings.

Features #

Remontoire 1.1.1Provides a live view of active i3 keybindings, introduces a machine-readable comment format for i3 config files, and fixes several layout and presentation bugs reported by users.
Ayu LooksThe community contributed Ayu themes have been fully integrated into Regolith with updates to package dependencies and configurations.
Rofi polishingNumerous updates to the Rofi themes for all provided looks.
Easier CustomizationNow, overriding specific Xresources values can be easily done by supplying only the overrides in ~/.config/regolith3/Xresources without needing to copying and update any existing files. Additionally, any Xresources files in ~/.config/regolith3/Xresources.d can be referenced without absolute path, enabling easier multi-machine configurations.
Utilize GNOME and update-alternatives for Default AppsGNOME settings for default browser and update-alternatives for preferred terminal are now used by Regolith. No custom configuration changes are required.
Xresources updatesMore UI configuration pulled out of component configs and into Xresources provides more flexibility in how custom looks can be.
Locale used for date/time formatFor those not using the US date and time formats, the bar clock will now automatically use the GNOME hour format and the locale LC_TIME setting to automatically display date and time in the regional form without configuration.
UI tweaks and polishingMany small updates across all UI components to further polish the interface, including a new optional dark background adapted from work by /u/InfernusZ9.

Fixes #

  • Debian package dependencies for various Regolith Looks have been fixed.
  • Layout issues with Remontoire have been addressed.
  • Compton configuration cleaned up