1.5.1 Release Notes

Regolith 1.5.1 is a bug fix release. The following list contains brief descriptions of fixes and updates per package since the Regolith 1.5 release:

Release Notes for i3-next-workspace #

  • Initial copy from regolith-i3xrocks-config.

Release Notes for regolith-compositor-picom-glx #

  • Add xrender-sync-fence for better support of nvidia systems.

Release Notes for regolith-default-settings #

  • Add breaks declaration to deal w/ ISO upgrade issue

Release Notes for regolith-desktop #

  • ship version file with all desktop variants
  • Update version to 1.5.1
  • Add new recommends for rofication status indicator that has been seperated from regolith-rofication
  • Fix virtual package specification. Use look w/ less dependencies for minimal meta-package.

Release Notes for regolith-ftue #

  • Add some Xresources options for GNOME Terminal

Release Notes for regolith-i3-gaps-config #

  • Fix build files
  • Fix path to i3-next-workspace
  • Move some non-critical dependencies to Recommends. Add recommends to i3-next-workspace. Remove dep on FontAwesome.
  • deprecating startnum
  • fix
  • adding a missing logic
  • Fix ‘Carry Window to Next Free’ binding, remove trailing whitespace. #31

Release Notes for regolith-i3xrocks-config #

  • Add padding for net-traffic, extensive mocked tests #101
  • Migrate rofication status indicator i3xrocks conf file here from regolith-rofication.
  • Remove button handling code as net-traffic cannot use them w/ repeat interval type. #100
  • Update net-traffic script to use ‘repeat’ interval type.
  • Rewrite weather blocklet #96
  • Remove todo scripts as migrated to regolith-todo package
  • Fix disk-capacity button clicks, add tests #98
  • Change memory rock default full text #94
  • Fix name of next-workspace script from last change
  • Remove next-workspace script as it’s moved to it’s own package: i3-next-workspace.
  • format the connected device string using pango same as other rocks #89
  • Changed around a few release names
  • Use git-buildpackage to build the deb instead of debuild, use auth for all containers
  • reading from xresources now #82
  • Don’t sign packages for now, so the pipeline actually builds
  • Only run packaging on tag releases for now
  • Added tests for temp script and reworked temp script routine
  • Also run the tests on PRs
  • Match example with what the script is looking for #90
  • Rewrote net-traffic script, fixes #91 #92
  • Add extra location information to weather API request #88
  • set BUTTON variable #93
  • Added net-traffic tests and GitHub Actions workflow to run tests
  • Switch to a separate container running to ensure we can run our tests
  • Make sure we can actually run the job somewhere
  • Fixed xrescat mock and test execution
  • Fix for button handling of the net-traffic script #86
  • Make time interval configurable with Xresources #87
  • Restore original behavior of mouse actions on volume #85

Release Notes for regolith-rofication #

  • Another approach to breaking status indicator from base functionality due to python build script mysteries: move the i3xrocks conf.d file to i3xrocks. Leave python scripts here for the python installer thing.
  • Break status indicator for rofication into separate package: i3xrocks-rofication.

Release Notes for regolith-styles #

  • Check if gnome-terminal is installed before generating profile. Related to #522.

Release Notes for regolith-todo #

  • Add i3xrocks dependency in hopes of sidestepping package file conflicts during upgrades
  • Rewrote syntax of todo script, added tests
  • Add td-cli as dependency
  • Package created from regolith-i3xrocks-config