2.1 Release Notes

Regolith 2.1 is a minor release including several improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations.

New Features #

  • Regolith Linux 2.1 (based from Ubuntu 22.04)
  • User-contributed look dracula added
  • Looks can be loaded from user directories (~/.config/regolith2/looks)

Bug Fixes #

  • Ilia’s file search dialog was broken on Jammy, this has been fixed
  • PtrSc hotkeys working as in 1.6
  • Numerous small fixes listed below

Known Issues #

  • No localization for ilia
  • Inconsistent GTK theme in some dialogs

Changelog Delta from Regolith Desktop 2.0 to 2.1 Beta 1 #

Changes in regolith-lightdm-config: #

0910bd8 Add all configuration items to slick-greeter file
e95bd47 move from gtk greeter to slick. Update background

Changes in regolith-session: #

d2bee02 Add ability to stage looks in user directory ~/.config/regolith2/looks
ac6eb70 Check if user's directory does not exist before appending

Changes in regolith-look-default: #

589b264 Specify glyph for app laucher. Better glyph for help

Changes in regolith-look-extra: #

a600730 Specify glyph for app laucher. Better glyph for help
b3e6295 Add dracula look by @jjsearle
92f844a s/nord/nevil in composer-init

Changes in regolith-i3xrocks-config: #

56ed590 move dynamic block window-name to the left-most position due to horizontal variance
ce6cebd Remove unneeded script for app launch action
86abc8c Load ilia over remontoire for help action
d400913 Adding a fix to not show anything on empty workspace (#129)
25fd18d Add support for bond interface in net-traffic (#128)

Changes in regolith-desktop: #

cdf0b4c Bump dist version

Changes in remontoire: #

ab00f14 Fix version returned by program to match package version

Changes in ilia: #

64943d8 Remove unused dependency, causing errors on ISO release
157df07 Remove default sorting of items from textlist page

Changes in plymouth-theme-regolith: #

b14a39f Use final logo image