3.2 Release Notes (Beta 1)

Regolith 3.2 Beta 1 Release Notes #

Regolith 3.2 is a minor release focusing on Ubuntu 24.04 support, init system overhaul, and bug fixes.

Features #

  • Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble) support
  • regolith-control-center rebased from GNOME 46 (for supported releases)
  • Sway session promoted from beta to stable status
  • Overhaul of X11 and Wayland session initialization

Deprecations #

  • Deprecating support for Ubuntu Focal and Debian Bullseye

Installation Instructions #

Follow the standard installation instructions, but substitute testing instead of release-3_1. For example, this is the apt line for Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble):

echo deb "[arch=amd64 signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/regolith-archive-keyring.gpg] \
https://regolith-desktop.org/testing-ubuntu-noble-amd64 noble main" | \
sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/regolith.list

After apt upgrade is complete, verify that Regolith 3.2 is installed by:

$ cat /etc/regolith/version 

A reboot is required for the new version to load.

Changelog Delta from Regolith 3.1 #

Changes in regolith-session #

c79e188 feat: migrate sessions to systemd

Changes in regolith-wm-config #

56a6e8d fix: use systemd to init xdg-desktop-portal
ef17348 fix: import dbus activation ennvironment before other config partials
24e8795 fix: remove redunant call to dbus-update-activation-environment
a2832ce fix: specify 'no-startup-id' to avoid waiting mouse cursor in X11, unclear of effect in sway, adding for consistency.
08cc043 feat: notify systemd about successful session activation
6d1ba64 Fix Mediakeys binding to support muting the mic
e81a80a feat: add package for running mate polkit under xwayland
a0e3c3c fix: mate polkit binary location is distribution dependant

Changes in regolith-desktop #

5ce67ee chore: version bump to 3.2

Changes in i3status-rs #

db13009 fix: disable battery to avoid global error on bar on targets without batteries on Ubuntu 22.04

Changes in xdg-desktop-portal-regolith #

08cd870 fix: explicitly assign problematic portal interfaces (that fallback to GNOME) to regolith portal