Config Files

Config file quick reference #

ComponentDefault ConfigUser ConfigNotes
i3 / i3-gaps/etc/regolith/i3/config, /usr/share/regolith/i3/config.d~/.config/regolith3/i3Extend Regolith2 config by creating config.d and partials in the user config dir, or globally override it by creating config. More
Xresources/usr/share/regolith-look/default~/.config/regolith3/Xresources~/.Xresources is also loaded but intended for properties that may also be required in other desktop sessions. More
Bar status indicators/usr/share/i3xrocks/conf.d/~/.config/regolith3/i3xrocks/conf.dEach block has it’s own file. Configs loaded in filename alphabetical order. More
Picom (Compton) Compositor/etc/regolith/picom/config~/.config/regolith3/picom/configMore
WARNING: Adding an i3 config file in ~/.config/regolith3/i3/config will essentially override all Regolith configuration including Xresources and looks.

History #

Config partials #

Regolith 2.0 adds support for config partials, as this feature came to i3 recently in 4.20. This is done by includes. This support for includes enables Regolith 2.0’s use of the package manager to add or remove default configuration partials. By installing and removing packages, i3 configuration can be customized for specific preferences while still allowing to track upstream changes for aspects of the configuration that need not vary.

The root Regolith configuration file at /etc/regolith/i3/config loads partials like so:

# Include any regolith i3 partials
include /usr/share/regolith/i3/config.d/*

# Include any user i3 partials
include $HOME/.config/regolith2/i3/config.d/*