Regolith version 3.0 onward replaces “i3-wm” with “wm” in Xresource keys. The content on this page has been updated for Regolith 3.0+. If you are using an earlier version, use “i3-wm” instead of “wm” in the key names below. For example wm.foo.bar changes to i3-wm.foo.bar for Regolith 1.x and 2.x.
Xresources KeyDescription
gtk.theme_nameGTK Theme (“Legacy Applications” in gnome-tweaks)
gtk.icon_theme_nameGTK Icon Theme
gnome.terminal.audible-bellEnables audible bell in gnome-terminal (true / false)
gtk.document_font_nameGTK Document Font Name
gtk.font_nameGeneral purpose font for GTK apps and the desktop
gtk.monospace_font_nameFont for monospace areas such as i3bar and the terminal
gnome.terminal.background-transparency-percentBackground transparency value for gnome-terminal (0 - 100). See also gnome.terminal.use-transparent-background.
gnome.terminal.fontFont definition for gnome-terminal
gnome.terminal.scrollbarFlag to enable/disable scrollbar (never / always)
gnome.terminal.use-transparent-backgroundEnables transparent background in gnome-terminal (true / false). See also gnome.terminal.background-transparency-percent.
gnome.wallpaperGNOME Wallpaper (can be overridden in Settings)
gnome.wm.themeGNOME Window Manager Theme (unused)
wm.altKey mapping for Alt key. See the i3 User Guide for details.
wm.bar.background.colorBar Background Color
wm.bar.positionBar Screen Position
wm.bar.separator.colorColor of seperator between blocks
wm.bar.trayoutputEnable or disable the app tray in i3bar
wm.floatingwindow.border.sizeWindow border size in pixels for floating windows
wm.fontWindow manager font
wm.gaps.inner.sizeDefault gap size between windows in pixels
wm.gaps.outer.sizeDefault gap size at screen edge in pixels
wm.modKey mapping for Super key. See the i3 User Guide for details.
wm.window.border.sizeDefault border size in pixels
wm.workspace.01.name .. wm.workspace.19.nameWorkspace Labels
wm.workspace.01.key .. wm.workspace.10.keyWorkspace Shortucts
i3xrocks.action.volume.leftCommand to execute when volume indicator is left clicked (default: none)
i3xrocks.action.volume.middleCommand to execute when volume indicator is middle clicked (default: none)
i3xrocks.action.volume.rightCommand to execute when volume indicator is right clicked (default: mute through amixer)
i3xrocks.action.volume.scrollupCommand to execute when scroll wheel up is used on volume indicator (default: increase volume through amixer)
i3xrocks.action.volume.scrolldnCommand to execute when scroll wheel down is used on volume indicator (default: decrease volume through amixer)
i3xrocks.error.colorColor for bar module in error mode
i3xrocks.label.battery0Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.battery100Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.battery20Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.battery50Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.battery80Bar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.batteryacBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.batterychargingBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.batteryunknownBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.capslockBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.colorBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.cpuBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.diskBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.dnBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.helpBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.mediapausedBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.mediaplayingBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.memoryBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.muteBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.notify.errorBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.notify.noneBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.notify.someBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.numlockBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.offBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.onBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.soundBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.thermometerBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.timeBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.upBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.wifiBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.label.wiredBar icon glyph
i3xrocks.nominalDefault bar icon color
i3xrocks.value.colorColor of numerical value in bar module
i3xrocks.value.fontFont for numerical value in bar module
i3xrocks.warningWarning color for bar module

Optional Xresources keys #

The following Xresources keys are undefined by default but can be used by users to change behavior as desired.

Xresources KeyDescription
wm.gaps.focus_follows_mouseThe window under the mouse has focus if enabled
wm.program.launcher.appCommand i3 executes from the app launcher keybinding
wm.program.launcher.cmdCommand i3 executes from the command launcher keybinding
wm.program.launcher.windowCommand i3 executes for the window navigation keybinding
wm.program.helpCommand to launch from the help keybinding
wm.program.file_searchCommand to launch from the file search keybinding
wm.program.refresh_uiCommand to launch from the session refresh keybinding
wm.program.logoutCommand to launch from the logout keybinding
wm.program.rebootCommand to launch from the reboot keybinding
wm.program.shutdownCommand to launch from the shutdown keybinding
wm.program.lockCommand to launch from the lock screen keybinding
wm.program.sleepCommand to launch from the sleep keybinding
wm.program.settingsCommand to launch from the Control Panel keybinding
wm.program.displayCommand to launch from the Display Settings keybinding
wm.program.wifiCommand to launch from the Wifi Settings keybinding
wm.program.bluetoothCommand to launch from the Bluetooth Settings keybinding
wm.program.filesCommand to launch from the file browser keybinding
wm.program.notification_uiCommand to launch from the notification UI keybinding
wm.program.1…wm.program.3Optional programs to start with i3
i3xrocks.media-player.player-argsOptional arguments used by the media-player i3xrocks block. These arguments are fed straight into playerctl, eg. setting this value to -p spotify only makes the bar display/control spotify.
i3xrocks.action.mic.leftOptional command to run on left button click of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.mic.middleOptional command to run on middle button click of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.mic.rightOverride command to run on right button click of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.mic.scrollupOverride command to run on scroll up of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.mic.scrolldnOverride command to run on scroll down of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.volume.leftOptional command to run on left button click of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.volume.middleOptional command to run on middle button click of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.volume.rightOverride command to run on right button click of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.volume.scrollupOverride command to run on scroll up of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.volume.scrolldnOverride command to run on scroll down of microphone status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.disk-capacityOverride command to run on disk capacity status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.cpu-usageOverride command to run on cpu usage status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.memoryOverride command to run on memory status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.wifiOverride command to run on wifi status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.weatherOverride command to run on weather status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.media-player.leftOptional command to run on left button click of media player status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.media-player.middleOptional command to run on middle button click of media player status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.media-player.rightOverride command to run on right button click of media player status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.timeOverride command to run on date time status indicator.
i3xrocks.action.batteryOverride command to run on battery status indicator.